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Brookdale 7 inch chef' Knife

The Brookdale 7 Inch chefs knife is western style chef knife making it a perfect all round knife for your kitchen. The cerved underbelly of the blade makes it perfect for "Rock-chopping" vegetables and herbs. 

Knife spesifcations:

Style: Western chef's knife

Steel: 12C27 Stainless steel

Tang: Tapered full tang

Handle: Your choice of stabilised timber

Blade length: 7 Inches

Overall length: 11.5 Inches

Spine thickness (fattest point): 3mm

The knives are handmade out of 12C27 stainless steel which is heat treated to 58 Rockwell to insure a lasting edge. Handles come standard with taped tangs to insure the knife has just the right balance in the hand for comfortable everyday use.


Brookdale 7 Inchs chefs knives start from $350 and come standard with a stabilised handle. Please fill out the form below to order your every own

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