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The Brookdale Process 

In order to have the best process possible each and every Brookdale knife is handmade by one maker, Scott Gregan in his workshop in Hunter, New Zealand. This is his process 


Scott Gregan develops the design and profile of a knife by first drawing a blueprint of it. He focuses on practicality with his knives.

The next step is to take this profile and trace out the knife into a bar of steel. It is then cut out by an angle grinder and ground to shape with a 2x72 belt grinder. The pin holes are then drilled and the knife is sent away for heat treatment.


During the heat treatment, the steel is heated to 1080 c and then placed in between two aluminium plates to quench. It is then placed into a -80°c freezer to temper. This makes the steel able to hold a long lasting edge. Heat treatment is performed off site by John Worthington at Ripi Knives.

The bevel is then ground into the knife using a belt grinder at various grits. Following that, the knife blade is hand-sanded for the highest quality finish.


A handle is then attached with pins and epoxy. Custom handle options and pins can be accommodated for the customer's specifications. 

After the handles are attached, they are then sanded down to shape and polished to a 1500 grit finish.


The logos are then etched on and the knife is sharpened. It is now ready to be sent to the customer.

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